6/4/15:  Friday’s assignment is to look around on the music website.  Leave several comments on different pages.  Please leave your first name only and e-mail address is your google account.  Tell me what kinds of things you would like to see on the website.  I have videos from our last concert which I will be posting soon.  I’m having technical difficulties right now.  Check back later to hear the concert. Continue reading Assignment

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Welcome to the Briggs Middle School music program.  We are pleased to offer several music classes: 6th grade band 7th grade band 8th grade band 6th grade orchestra advanced orchestra 8th grade choir . Music classes are a great way to make new friends.  Be part of a group.  Have fun. Learn how to read music.  Play an instrument.  Perform for others.  Get smarter.  Develop your talents!! Give it a try.  6th grade is the best time to get involved in a music class.  Become part of the Briggs music community!! Continue reading Welcome