7/8th Orchestra

Music for our 6/2/15 concert

Bartok Rock

Can Can

Secret Agent 440

Beauty & The Beast


2 thoughts on “7/8th Orchestra

  1. I think that people should choose what they listen to, what we play. Set up a blog each time between concerts with a list of songs, people would choose there favorite songs based on how they sound and feel to them. Then the to 4 or 3 songs with the most votes, we will learn and play for the next concert. Then we would do it again when we need to decide our next music selection.


    1. I like your idea. A lot of the orchestra music are songs you might not recognize which would make it hard to vote on. I want to do a variety of types of music with the purpose of exposing students to new things. I also want you to think of our music as a “curriculum” meaning it’s teaching concepts appropriate to our group’s playing level.
      I do like your comment, what about creating an orchestra council, a small group of select students whom would help me make decisions.


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