Welcome to the Briggs Middle School music program.  We are pleased to offer several music classes:

  • 6th grade band
  • 7th grade band
  • 8th grade band
  • 6th grade orchestra
  • advanced orchestra
  • 8th grade choir


Music classes are a great way to make new friends.  Be part of a group.  Have fun. Learn how to read music.  Play an instrument.  Perform for others.  Get smarter.  Develop your talents!!

Give it a try.  6th grade is the best time to get involved in a music class.  Become part of the Briggs music community!!


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi,
    I have some excuses for people who don’t practice and some solutions to them. Okay,
    1. They live in a crowded neighborhood, like an apartment complex, and their neighbors complain about noise. They can get a mute so that their instrument is quieter.
    2. You don’t have time because you play sports and other things. Now, I’m sure you don’t have practice every single day, so you can attempt to free up at least a day or three where you can practice.
    3. You keep forgetting to grab your instrument. That’s an easy one. Write a reminder somewhere where you’ll see it during the day. Or you can ask one of your parents to remind you before you go to school.
    4. You have no space to practice. This one is a bit tricky. This one is also not be confused with #1, so, you could ask a friend if you could hang out and play your instrument for them, or if you’re uncomfortable in front of an audience, you can get together with one of your classmates and play your parts together/play your songs together.
    5. You have a pet that you’re afraid will ruin your instrument and/or music. That’s a simple one. Ask your parents if you can shut one of the room doors with you inside so you can practice without interruption from animals that might ruin your stuff. Also, make sure to put your instrument and music somewhere where you’ll remember it, but your animals can’t get to it.
    6. You think you’re already really good at your part/song, so you don’t practice. Well, practice makes perfect and the more you practice the more you remember, so if you practice enough, you might be able to play it from memory!


  2. I think you should have an About page that describes the kind o things you do in this class, as well as casual updates so that people can refer to this site if their gone from class or considering attending it. I know that I would have liked to see that when I was choosing my middle school classes.


  3. I also would like to see updates on what we did in class or something, incase you were gone or something. e.g; “Playing test today. Make ups tomorrow and thursday.”


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