Famous excuses from students and solutions!

Excuse #1 :      “I don’t have time to practice”

Solution:  Ask yourself  “How much time have I spent today on:  the computer, watching t.v., playing video games, on my cell phone?”

Can you use some of that time, even just 15 minutes, playing your instrument?  I hope so because 15 minutes isn’t very much time in a

24 hour day.


Excuse #2:        “Practicing isn’t fun”

Solution:  Please know that all good things take work.  Don’t be afraid to work & don’t use this excuse to not practice.  If you are having

trouble getting motivated try grabbing a friend or parent and play for them or with them.  It really helps!



15 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. Really nice. But if I were a student that didn’t practice ever I would most likly us this against you. Saying your the one who gave me the idea. But I wouldnt. It makes it better since you added the solution.


  2. Excuse – Walking home… weather is to hot to cold, out of tune before I get home… does not hold tune, due to walking home and practicing.


  3. I know my dad is so tired of excuses, and I get tired of it from my brother. Usually my brother says, “I don’t want to.” And then later is complaining that he has nothing to do. Usually I tell him that if he doesn’t have anything to do, he can go do whatever it was he was complaining about.


  4. I know you think us saying “We don’t have time.” is just saying we don’t care or want to but you got to under stand that some of us really can’t and when you say thing like its just a excuses it kind of hurts.


    1. I know you are super busy. Let’s brainstorm a solution. How do you feel about coming to the band room to practice before or after school or during lunch or flex once a week?


  5. I love how these are very true. Maybe you could add a how much you practice widget. Also it might be cool if you do a top 5 or 10 of excuses


  6. I have heard these excuses so many times. I personally think I’ve used “I don’t want to” a lot of times. If my mom asked me why I didn’t practice, I usually say “I didn’t want to”… Then I get whooped. Just kidding. But same kinda thing.


  7. My excuse is that really, I have other stuff to do every day. Monday I have ballet and chores and homework. Tuesday through Friday is the same schedule just without ballet. So the age old excuse of I have no time is true. I guess I could just practice in the shower. Also, it’s a pain in the neck trying to hang my clarinet on my bike handlebars. It isn’t balanced so then I have to put something else on the other side. And I get really scared I will forget to bring it back in the morning. I’m actually really forgetful. If I made it a habit, I shouldn’t forget it. Hmmm. . .


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